Who we are


We are BettaPal breeding premium betta fish for sale online from Thailand.

Find your high-quality betta fish in color, size, and shape directly from the local Thailand betta fish breeding farm with us! We can ship it directly to your home 🙂

” We believe in passing along deeply the quality of betta fish from our breeding farm to your hand. We recognize that fish health and safety are of paramount importance”

BettaPal Family

Who am I?

Hello, aquarist friends! Welcome to the BettaPal family.

I am Som, a managerial accountant who falls in love with animals especially dogs and betta fish. They are very my best friend that makes me not feel lonely. Our family has started a betta fish breeding farm in Thailand, Matchimaa farm, since 2009.

Due to the country was locked down in the Covid-19 situation, many businesses were disrupted. I see a new opportunity occur in globalization when many people work from home. That is the reason that I have started BettaPal in the online market.

I took an online course, and self-study from an interesting book to learn how to do an online website and social media marketing platform by myself.

BettaPal from a breeding farm, originally named Matchimaa betta fish farm, has grown into an online market since then. I am appreciated that you visit our website. I hope you will be happy with our betta. Let BettaPal be your betta fish’s friend.

Think about betta, think about us!


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Shop Thailand Betta Fish for Sale from BettaPal

BettaPal is an online platform of Matcimaa breeding farm, a family betta fish farmer from Thailand. We provide high-quality betta fish to our worldwide customers. With more than 10 years of experience in breeding farms, we trusted our reliable client fish shop and other end, customers.


What we do?

One-stop service of online shop betta fish for sale, betta fish breeding farm, and betta fish exporter from Thailand.

We are betta fish breeder family with roots in the betta fish industry going back over 10 years ago.

We have operated a breeding farm since March of 2009, named Matchimaa Betta Fish Farm, and we have just launched an online platform for the sale of betta fish in early 2020, named BettaPal.

Our family started from betta fish breeding farm and grow into a leader in the industry of betta fish for sale. We have won numerous competitions and widely recognized as some of the best in Thailand.


Betta Fish Community

We have a strong betta fish farmer’s alliance.

Since our farm is located near the biggest fish village, in Ratchaburi of Thailand, we are a member of the betta fish farmer big community. With our strong relationship with fish farmers for as long as time, we can provide a betta fish sourcing service upon your request.

We can source rare, exotic, and high-quality betta fish for a customer who would like to join a betta fish competition. Moreover, we can provide a big quantity of betta fish for customers who do fish shop at a friendly price that you can get a competitive advantage.


We got guaranteed from fishery department

Our breeding farm got the certificate of Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and operated export fish license from the fishery government department of Thailand. Our farm was being inspected by a fishery official twice a year. You can ensure in our whole process from breeding and transporting to your home.

We also have an export fish license. We welcome a transhipper or fish courier business partner we can be your hub of betta fish exporters from Thailand.

” Our mission is providing a premium quality betta fish with good service make BettaPal different from others”

BettaPal Family


customer support/
website designer

Hello! We are the second generation of the BettaPal family. Nice to meet you all. Not only for the retail customer but we can also support a wholesale order. Our capacity more than 50,000 fish/month. We have an export fish license.

customer support/ photographer

We have the pleasure that you visit our website. If you need help, please feel free to contact us 24/7. Our kindly family is available to support you as like as we are your betta fish’s friend.

professional breeder/ instructor

We can be your assistant for breeding or take care of your betta fish. With more than 10 years’ experience in breeding, we usually are invited to instruct how to breed betta fish in many exhibitions.

professional breeder/ YouTuber

Our betta fish quality was guaranteed by GAP standards and many competition rewards. Please follow our social media to see updates on beautiful betta fish. We hope you enjoy yourself with them.