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How to call your betta fish types by their colors?

Betta fish colors and patterns are infinite, new ones being created due to breading selection. There are many recognized types of betta fish for sale in the aquarium market. How do you call them apart? This content guild you about the beauty of betta fish varieties categorized by their color and scale pattern from common to rare.

How many betta fish types? How is it different? It is common confusing for new beginners. Betta fish types can be categorized by tail types, color, and pattern. Here, we will talk about a variety of betta fish not only solid, or fancy colors but also various patterns that are being created all time.


There are betta fish types categorized by colors and patterns.

  1. Betta Fish colors
    • Blue Betta
    • Black Orchid Betta
    • Red Betta
    • Pink Betta
    • Rose Petal Betta
    • Yellow Betta
    • White Betta
    • Purple Betta
    • Green Betta
    • Mustard Gas Betta
    • Gold Betta
    • Orange Betta
    • Metallic Betta
    • Cellophane Betta
    • Grizzle Betta
    • Copper Betta
  2. Betta Fish patterns
    • Dragon Scale Betta
    • Butterfly Betta
    • Marble Betta
    • Blue Rim Betta
    • Koi Betta/ Multicolor
    • Black Blue Star Betta
    • Gold Star Betta
    • Iron Man Betta
    • Thai Flag Betta

Betta fish are usually named from their outstanding characteristic colors.

We often see new unique and exotic betta fish colors and patterns from the selective breeding techniques or crossing breeder pairs. The fish farmer who creates the new ones will designate names to recognize their fish similarly to color characteristics. The name is continually called as a common type of that betta fish.

Sometimes, we see betta colors and patterns named for commercial or marketing propose. Sellers have the freedom to name their betta fish upon an outstanding appearance, to get attention from customers. We usually see that a betta pattern named from famous movies like Avatar, Hellboy, Iron Man, samurai, or some pattern named from country flag like Thailand flag pattern.

There are betta fish colors and patterns that you can find in a live fish aquarium shop and the definition of each pattern.

What betta fish types categorized by colors?

There are example gallery of betta fish types categorized by colors as below;

Blue Betta

Steel-blue betta which a cold grayish-blue and royal blue betta which a brilliant iridescent blue coloring are common shades of blue betta fish that you can find from the betta fish market.

Black Orchid Betta

A black series of betta fish that we usually see in the aquarium is super black, a pure black color. Moreover, we also see black betta fish as black orchid color called Black Lace, Melano, and Metallic Black. Its color appearance looks like a blackish color with hints of blue, grey, or purple highlights around its body.

Red Betta

A striking deep and rich red are common red betta. The red coloring is the most dominant color of betta fish variation. If your red betta appears washed out, you need to make sure is their tank mate, food, and environment suitable for betta good health.

Pink betta usually has bright pink color, almost translucent. And they usually have additional colors among their body and tail like white, purple, or red.

Rose Petal Betta

The rose petal betta fish is one of the unique variations. Their color characteristic has a light electric blue with some dark blue or copper highlight similar to rose petals.

Yellow Betta

The yellow coloring is one of the dominant color characteristics of betta fish variation like red coloring. We usually see many shades of yellow from pastel to dark yellow like banana, or pineapple yellow betta.

White Betta

The perfect white betta which surrounded white-colored looks very majestic called white platinum betta fish.

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Purple Betta

There are different colors of purple betta variation options like violet, lavender, or purple-blueish coloring. A purple betta that usually found in the market have a purple base body, but their face and fins are a different color. The complete purple is rare.

Green Betta

The green coloring is quite precious and it looks mysterious. The outstanding characteristic is a shimmer that you can see an iridescent green shimmer if you shine the light on it. Green betta usually appears in a darker green color or turquoise color.

Mustard Gas Betta

The name mustard gas betta comes from their characteristics orange, yellow, or mustard fins color with dark blue, green, or dark grey body. The remarkable of this variation is bi-colored, different color between body and fins.

Gold Betta

There are many different vitiations of gold color from pastel gold until 14k gold.

Orange Betta

The pure orange betta is hard to find, a rare color variation. We usually see an orange color mixed with other colors like the Nemo pattern is orange combined with black. A Nemo betta named from Finding Nemo movie.

Metallic Betta

The betta fish whose body is a whole metallic grey color is named metallic betta. There are many shades of grey betta in the market. It may be dark or light grey depend on their coloring variation.

Cellophane Betta

The cellophane betta has a colorless appearance. It is clear betta, translucent skin, fins, and tail with no pigments.

Grizzle Betta

Outstanding characteristics of grizzle betta are single-color base layer, soft color spray gradient effect. You usually see 2-3 colors combine in grizzle betta.

Copper Betta

The copper betta fish is iridescent coming in light gold, deep copper with some red, blue, and purple metallic shiny, or rose gold. They will appear silver or brown when they are in a weak light environment, by the way when you put them in the light you will see an amazing sparkling copper shine on.

How can we call betta fish types categorized by their patterns?

There are an example gallery of betta fish types categorized by patterns as below;

Dragon Scale Betta

This particular pattern was created from selective breeding. Dragon betta named from their outstanding color resembling the dragon which full-bodied scale color of vibrant metallic or copper-colored comes with red, black, yellow, or orange fins around their body.

Butterfly Betta

A full body of solid color extends to the tail’s base and fins where the color suddenly stops and is replaced by transparent or white color along the tail’s and find edges. This particular pattern looks like a butterfly wing as it is named butterfly betta.

Marble Betta

The marble betta has a body in solid white or translucent coloring like a marble pattern. Their color change over time, represent their ages.

Blue Rim Betta

Blue rim betta has body coloring like marble betta, translucent white color, comes with blue fins along the edge. Their color change all time refers to different ages, when they were young their body is clear in translucent white color, after that when they get older the blue color will mess in the body some people call them as blue dot betta.

Koi Betta

Koi betta is mixed coloring. It is a multicolor betta that comes from selective breeding. Currently, this particular pattern is very popular among aquarium hobbyists. Their colorful infinite style makes them beloved with different tests of betta fish lovers.

  • Nemo Betta; a pattern of Nemo betta is a mixed orange and black like Nemo fish in the Finding Nemo cartoon movie.

  • Candy Betta; this multicolor pattern is so sweetie-like candy. They have light-scale sparkling cover their sweet coloring.

  • Galaxy Betta; the combination of red, black, blue, or little white in their body. The galaxy betta looks mystery like a galaxy.

  • Tiger Betta; this particular pattern is reassembled as the tiger. They have a yellow base body mixed with black color come across.

  • Marble Koi; the betta’s patter like a marble betta, white or translucent bodied with multicolor fins such as yellow, orange, red, blue, green, or black.

  • Koi fancy; it is another koi pattern that cannot be reclassified in a koi betta group as above. The creator or seller will name its differently. Their body mixed many colors, with no specific pattern.

Their rich colorations and brightness are varying greatly. Some koi series of betta fish have shining scale spread in their body we call “Star”. Koi betta with stars is more precious than other normal koi patterns.


Black Blue Star Betta

Black blue star betta is also called Avatar betta because their color patterns in black and blue scale sparking in their body like an Avatar, famous movie. An outstanding blue stars scale spread shiny on their black body is an attractive appearance of black blue star betta. Sometimes their coloring mixed little red. It will more beautiful when you put on a flashlight to look at their scale sparkling with the light. It is one of the exotic betta fish.

Gold Star Betta

The gold star pattern is similar to the black-blue star betta, except for the gold star instead of the blue star. The gold star makes it looks more luxurious. Their scale is also flashing with a light and it is one of exotic betta fish too.

Iron Man Betta

The main coloring of this pattern is red, or orange which comes with copper-gold scales sparkling around their body. The red base body combine with a partial gold color scale looks like Iron Man, a famous movie. There are many names like Iron Man, Copper Nemo, or Copper Galaxy. This is an exotic betta fish. Their unique pattern is one of the precious betta fish.

Thai Flag Betta

This pattern is represented true Thai flag color with solid blue in their body, white and red spared as a layer to their fins. Incredibly, Thai Flag Betta was sold for over $1,000 per fish in 2016. There are available Thai Flag Betta at BettaPal shop with reasonable prices that can be yours.



Many various betta fish colors and patterns are being created new one all times, because of careful and selective breeding by the fish farmer. With many different patterns, variation makes the betta fish is an interesting pet that you can collect to decorate your home aquarium. You can say that there are infinite colors of betta fish. Which color do you like? Let shop here at BettaPal.

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

Coco Chanel

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