Swim Bladder Disease in Betta | Symtoms & Treatment


If you see your betta fish has trouble maintaining balance and swimming awkwardly, this symptom is affected by swim bladder disease or SBD.

The swim bladder disorder is causing worse swimming ability, you may notice that your betta swim sideways, upside down, float right on the top of the tank, develops an S-shaped spine. This issue is fairly common, in fact, just a few days for treatments. However, it is quite uncommon if you do not treat him, he may be fatal.

This article helps you treat your betta fish from swim bladder disease which tells you how to cure, cause, and effects, and how to prevent him from this SBD issue, to make your betta remedied good health.

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What is Swim Bladder Disease?

A swim bladder is a gas-filled organ inside betta fish that controls a fish’s level of buoyancy. When your betta fish confront swim bladder disease or SBD issue, his organ is malfunctioning. He cannot easily move around in his tank.

How to recognize that your betta fish have Swim Bladder Disease?

You may recognize that your betta fish is swimming unbalanced like moving upside down float on one side at the top of their tank, sink on the tank’s bottle, and change into an S-shaped spine. These are the sign that assumes your betta probably has SBD disorder.

Is Swim Bladder Disorder contagious?

This issue cannot spread because a swim bladder is an organ within betta fish. By the way, its cause like bacterial infection or parasites in water can expand to other fish so you need to do treatment hurry.

Can your betta fish fatal by SBD?

You can cure your betta fish of swim bladder disorder in a few days by following the instruction below. Otherwise, if you ignore treatment, it can lead to betta fish fatality.

How do your betta fish get Swim Bladder Disease?

There are 4 common causes of SBD disorder in betta fish which are usually seen;

  1. Constipation from overfeeding that food will expand within their stomach especially freeze food or not soaked dry pallets.
  2. An injury, suffering betta, could damage their swim bladder.
  3. Congenital disease, some of the betta fish have had SBD problems since they were born.
  4. Poor water quality, high nitrate, and bacterial or parasites infection lead to swimming bladder disorder.

How to investigate causes of Swim Bladder Disease?

Once you can identify what is causing swim bladder disorder then you can treat it correctly. The following checklist helps you investigate the underlying causes of SBD in betta fish.

  • A lack of defecation and a bloated stomach are symptoms of constipation cause that was being linked to overfeeding.
  • Some external damage occurs to your fish that you can imply for injury caused.
  • Dull coloring, general lethargy and a refusal to eat that is bacterial infection cause.
  • Water parameter test kit show poor water quality cause, you need to remove chemicals to establish good water by changing partial water frequently.
  • If your betta always had this issue, you can identify that it is their birth defection cause. Don’t be afraid, many betta fish can still live long lives with some degree of SBD we will discuss treatment as below

How to do treatment of Swim Bladder Disease in Betta Fish?

The important thing that you need to do first, no matter the cause, is moving your betta fish into a small hospital tank. The tank should be a clean and clear tank with a low level of water approximately 2 inches of water that facilitates them to swim and hop in the air. The clear tank is suitable for you for observation and monitors them. After separating your disorder betta into the hospital tank, then you need to treat it according to cause. The following step tells you how to cure for each SBD causing.

  • Constipation

For the treatment of constipation causing, you need to fast your betta fish for 1-3 days, no feeding it to clear blockage out on its own. If it does not get better after fasting, let feed boiled, shelled peas with a small portion to help it clear the system out. Another way, adding Epsom salts just one tablespoon for every 5 gallons of water can help the constipation issue disappear.

  • Overfeeding

“Stop feeding” is an easy way to cure SBD in betta caused by overfeeding. The treatment is the same as constipation-causing treatment, fast your betta no more than 3 days until it starts swimming normally again. If its symptoms are still not back into normal over 3 days, you can assume that the overfeeding maybe not be the underlying cause.

  • Bacterial Infection

Try to medicate your betta fish with antibiotics to cure its bacterial infection. For external infection, treat them like Acriflavine, Methylene Blue, and Formalin. For internal infection, feed them with medical food or soaking betta’s food in medication yourself. To make sure about the medication method is perfect for your betta, you can consult a veterinarian.

  • Injury

The SBD caused by an injury will get recover with time, you can make modifications environment as below, to keep your fish happy.

  • Birth Defect

There is no treatment for birth defects causing. Nevertheless, like an injured betta, you can probably keep them happy, make their good environment. After you do the treatment as the step recommends about few days. If they don’t get any better or worsening, go to see the veterinary is recommended.

How to take care of betta fish with chronic SBD?

You need to set a proper environment tank to make your betta fish happy due to an injury or birth defect. The tailored modifications like a wide and shallow tank, help them don’t much swim, a flat leave placed in the tank for relaxing.


How to prevent Swim Bladder Disease?

The following tips can help you decrease the chance of having SBD in betta.

  • Feed those two smaller meals a day is better than a single larger one to avoid overfeeding effect.
  • Soak freeze-dried food, or dried pallets in water to make them expand before feeding instead of expanding in their stomach.
  • Extremely be a careful injury, while transportation, breeding, or handing your betta, use the soft net.
  • Make sure they have a suitable water tank, contains clean water with appropriate parameters and temperature.


Swim Bladder Disease in betta can be cured. Its common causes like overfeeding, injury, bacterial infection, and birth defects. Once their symptoms occurred, you need to swift curing to avoid fatally. Basic treatments such as fasting your betta, take medication, tailored their fit environment.

What is Swim Bladder Disease or SBD in betta?

A swim bladder is a gas-filled organ inside betta fish that controls swimming balance. SBD issue affects your betta swimming ability.

What are the symptoms of SBD?

Swimming unbalanced in betta like upside-down swim, float on one side, or S-shaped spine.

What are the causes of SBD?

The common causing are constipation, overfeeding, bacterial infection, injury, and birth defect.

What are the treatments of SBD?

Fasting your betta fish, taking the medication, changing clean water daily, and setting a tailored fit environment.

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